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Royal Australian Infantry Regional Force Surveillance Unit, on patrol homepage

Royal Australian Infantry (RAINF) Regional Force Surveillance Unit, taking notes while on patrol. Clearly Auscam disruptive pattern camouflage uniforms were designed with arid landscapes in mind. [Image: Australian Government Publishing Service.]

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military camouflage patterns is dedicated to the subject of military camouflage patterns as used on camouflage uniforms. It was launched on 30 September 2004 with the intention to provide information and pictorial references for the benefit of collectors, artists & designers, historians, military modellers & other hobbyists, and vendors. In other words: is not an online store!

I don't care if you want to buy a set of British Multi-Terrain Pattern or Finnish M/05 woodlandI don't sell camouflage uniforms. In most cases, I don't even know where they can be bought. And I most certainly do not valuate camouflage uniforms.

If truth be told, idiotic requests for catalogues and price lists are the main reason why I haven't touched this Web site in almost a year. The rest of it comes down to those 'helpful' types, who keep telling me which camouflage patterns I haven't listed, but don't have any real information to contribute. I've seen most of the Web sites you keep telling me about; they weren't particularly useful at any time during the past seven years, and they're not particularly useful now. So here's the deal: either make a positive contribution, based upon verified information from reliable sources; or just don't bother. This is supposed to be a hobby, and I don't need the constant aggravation.

To date, has catalogued 300 military camouflage patterns from 92 countries. Last month (February 2011), the country most often viewed was the Russian Federation, and the camouflage pattern most often viewed was still Britain's new Multi-Terrain Pattern. The most recently updated country is the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The most recently updated camouflage pattern is Australian Disruptive Pattern Camouflage. There are, of course, many more camouflage patterns to identify, research and catalogue, but I'll get around the them in my own sweet time.

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